Filter drug residues with the Black Berkey® filter

Antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antidepressants, contraceptive pills are some of the drugs which are now residue in the waters of the natural environment. It is nearly 4,000 medication molecules identified that are likely to end up in your glass of water ...

France is the 4th global consumer of drugs! And if the French buy as much, it is because they consume just as much. However, these drugs are not completely degraded by the body after their absorption. The residues passing through stool and urine are ultimately found in wastewater that treatment plants are not able to treat because they are not equipped for these molecules. To this are added the thousands of tablets that some people throw in the sink or the toilet.

Impacts on the natural environment and health

In surface waters, as much as in groundwater, these residues accumulate. At the risk of involuntarily consuming these drugs and as a result, absorbing unwanted active ingredients, even if they are at low doses, is added the cocktail effect that we are unable to qualify. Indeed, the mixture of these substances with others already present such as chemical residues or pesticides, constitutes a real danger of which we do not know the effects, neither in the short term, nor even less in the long term.

Added to this is the problem of the antibioticness of bacteria put in prolonged way with antibiotic residues. The medium -term consequences can be dramatic if certain strains of pathogenic bacteria become resistant to antibiotics which are used in normal times to treat the pathologies that require it.

Too little research exists and it is very difficult anywhere to clarify the situation as the work is gigantic if it is necessary to take into account the interactions between the different molecules, the fauna, the flora ... and Even how to reproduce this reliably in the laboratory?

There is no regulation today imposing the verification of drug residues in drinking water. Suffice to say that the subject is far from being settled!

While waiting to set up a real substantive reflection, to convince the pharmaceutical industry to integrate the environmental consequences in the development of new drugs, to ensure that doctors only deliver the quantity or the necessary dose And not entire boxes, part of which will not be used and thrown, to communicate on the need to report the ends of boxes in pharmacies so that they do not finish in the sinks or the trash, there is a solution: drink from the 'Water purified by a Berkey® system !

Berkey® water filters with their Black Berkey® filters Allow many pharmaceutical products and disruptors of the endocrine system such as BPA, Naproxin, Octylphenol, progesterone, THM and many others. Consult the analyzes by following this link.
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