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Berkey® water purifiers
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Now that you have bought your Berkey water purifier,
You have taken the first step to protect your family, against diseases, viruses, pathogens, parasitic, harmful chemicals, heavy metals and other water contaminants. 

This small room allows the passage of air, between the upper tank and the lower tank.

Without this piece, no air passage. An air vacuum will prevent water flow and filtration. Do not lose it during unpacking and assembly of the Berkey fountain

element to insert between the upper tank and the lower tank, for the passage of the air     positioning of the metal insert for the passage of the air during the Berkey filtration


1- High bedroom
1- Faucet, nut and two washers

1- Lower room
1- cover, button and screw
1- Mounting instructions sheet

1- Shaping button (brown beige)
0 to 6 blocking caps
2 to 8 black purification elements 
Berkey, ears and rings nuts 
(depending on models)
A) Assemble your Berkey System as properly as possible. Cleanliness is extremely important. Wash your hands before setting up your berkey.
Note: You can pour the water into your Berkey system, then use filtered water to wash your hands and clean your berkey.
B) Remove the purification elements and the parts of their protective packaging by checking 
each item compared to the list above.
 Note: the number of elements provided will depend on the type of unit ordered
C) Mount the button (1) on the lid (2) by inserting the screw (3) through the lid hole and screwing the button. Hand shake only.
D) Black Berkey purification element priming (see instructions)
E) Place the large black waterproofing washer (10) on the threaded part of the Black Berkey element.
F) Place the element (5) in the hole at the base of the upper room (4)
G) Attach the element (5) in the bottom of the room, screwing the butterfly nut (11)
H) go up and repeat the operation for the other elements 
I) For systems with more holes than purification elements (extensible systems). Use either the rubber lock plugs or the white screw blocking caps (top and bottom), to plug each empty hole.
J) Place the beveled outer washer (8) on the threaded part of the output tap (7)

The beveled side facing the hole of the system and the flat side facing the tap.
Insert the tap thread (7) in the hole on the side of the lower room (6), place the flat washer

(8) On the thread inside the room and fix it in place with the nut (9). Handmark only hand. For the last 1/4 tower, hold the nut in place and gently turn the tap until it is tight. 
K) Place the room (4) on the lower room (6),

Without forgetting to position the small metal part allowing to pass the air

And place the cover (2) in position.

Berkey water filter mounting plan 


1) If the system is left to rest for more than 3 days, it is recommended to empty the lower room, as well as the new purified water, during the first minute.
2) When installing purification elements for the first time or when replacing used elements, always initiating and preparing the new purification element.
3) After cleaning the elements, it is recommended that the elements will be rejected. This will eliminate any dust from processing pores of purification elements and avoid premature clogging.
4) The style of the tip can vary slightly.

WARNING :  Do not read, fully understand and follow all the instructions can cause injury, water damage or cancellation of the warranty! It is the responsibility of the assembler to ensure that all components are correctly assembled and installed following the instructions provided. While  
Your Berkey®, the system should not have any leakage problems, there is always a risk that a leak can occur due to an incorrect assembly or perhaps a defective part. Be vigilant, we recommend that, during the first 24 hours, the filled system is placed in an area where, if such a leak should occur, the resulting spill would damage nothing in the house.

Important operational note:
When the lower room is partially filled, be sure not to fill the upper room too much as it could
Overflow the lower room. For example, if the lower room is filled with 1/3, the upper room can be
Filled 2/3, if the lower room is filled with ½, the upper room can be filled to ½, etc.
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