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Black Berkey® Building:
Installation of the purification and employment mode element

Congratulations on your purchase of Black Berkey® purification elements, you took the first step to protect yourself, you and your family, from water contaminants.
2-Purification elements, 2-state washers, 2-wing NUTS, 1-boring button, leaf 1 instruction.
Assembly instructions:
Wash your hands before passing by that contamination of the components of the filter system is not when mounting.
Remove the parts from their protective packaging, checking the elements in relation to the content list.
Printing the Black Berkey® purification element. (See on the back of the system instructions sheet).
Place the large sealing washer on the threaded support of the Black Berkey® Purification Element.
Place the threaded editing in the hole in the interior base of the upper chamber.
Attach the element to the base of the room, screwing the ear nut on the threaded support. Repeat #3- #6 until all the elements were installed.
Fill the upper bedroom with water at cold room temperature (do not use hot or boiling water) and cover with a lid. Leave the water to filter in the lower room. Open the tap to allow all the water to flow. This eliminates the fine and will treat dust from the inner bore of purification elements. (Note: don't worry if particles are visible in fighter water, that's normal). Fill the upper room, your system is now ready to purify the water.
 Note: Purification elements can take up to 15 minutes to start steaming. The maximum flow will be reached after the first 12 to 20 hours of use, because the air micro-pockets in the purification elements are replaced by water.
As the elements filter the particles of the water, the flow is gradually decreasing over time. When this happens, remove the element and Rub the outer surface with a rigid toothbrush or BRITE® Tampon Scotch under running water. Removing the elements (optional). This procedure will restore the flow to normal. Take precautions so as not to contaminate the threaded part of the purifying elements. In case of contamination, wipe the thread with a buffer soaked in alcohol.

Never wash the black berkey filter with soap. Never clean the Black Berkey filter in a dishwasher.

System test: your elements Black Berkey® purification are powerful enough to remove the red food dye from water; This function allows you to make sure that your system is working properly.
Simply fill the upper bedroom with water and add a teaspoon of artificial red food coloring by gallon of capacity of your system. If the red food dye is completely eliminated, your purification system works correctly. Otherwise, check that the ears nuts of your elements are tight, then restart the test. We recommend that this test be carried out when receiving the elements, first real use, then during use - every 3 to 6 months, before getting your system out of the country, or each time you use your system after having dried and stored the elements for an extended period of time.
All priming steps - Black Berkey cartridge
Priming Black Berkey® Purification elements
- The Micropores of the Black Berkey® Purification Elements are extremely small, in fact they are small enough to filter the food coloring of the water. The advantage of having such extremely small pores is that an exponential increase is made in the effectiveness of elimination of viruses, pathogenic bacteria and other water contaminants.
-The water tension may require the purification elements to be started to flow properly. The water tension is higher in certain parts of the country and can change from one season to another. The higher the water tension, the more difficult it is for water, using only the gravity pressure, to force the air of the microporus of a new element.
The priming of your Purification elements forces the air of the micropores of the element.
-Ramarques During the trip: when using the system in an area where the treated water is not available, we recommend that the user bring a clean water bottle or the Black Berkey Primer ™ (Sold separately) to initiate purification elements. Using a bottle of water, ask a person to hold the element, with the priming button attached and oriented upwards. Ask a second person to press the mouth of the water bottle against the priming button and press until the water is forced through the entire exterior wall of the element and that it Starts to sweat drops of water. Alternatively, the elements can also be prepared using Black Berkey Primer ™. Black Berkey Primer ™ is a manual priming pump that allows you to easily start the elements, without the need for taps or pipe fittings.
-Do not throw the start button Once the purification elements have been started. Research the elements after cleaning (see maintenance instructions) and when the elements have dried for an extended period.
-other method of priming the Black Berkey cartridge
You can use the priming kit, to prepare your Black Berkey cartridge. Put on the sky blue rubber on your tap (1). Inserted at the other end, on the thread of the Black Berkey cartridge (2). Hold the 2 ends of the rubber with your hand, with slight pressure (3). Open the tap with precautions to avoid splashing you :). The water will penetrate inside your Black Berkey cartridge, and come out by the pores of the Black Berkey filtration cartridge (4). Water droplets then water will flow from your filter cartridge. Your Black Berkey cartridge is now started (5). Congratulations, you have just taken precedence over your Black Berkey cartridge.
Put on the sky blue rubber on your tap.
1) Put on the sky blue rubber on your tap.
Inserted at the other end of the rubber, on the thread of the Black Berkey cartridge
2) Inserted at the other end, on the thread of the Black Berkey cartridge.
Hold with your hand the 2 ends of the rubber, with a slight pressure
3) Hold with your hand the 2 ends of the rubber, with a slight pressure. Open the tap carefully.
The water will come out by the pores of the Black Berkey filtration cartridge
4) The water will come out by the pores of the Black Berkey filtration cartridge
Your Black Berkey filtration cartridge is now started
5) Your Black Berkey filtration cartridge is now ready for the best of filtration.