Eva fountain - tds and th of the water

About the Eva filter:

The objective of the EVA fountain is to filter, purify and balance your water….
For limestone here are the analyzes and you have to get closer to the hydrotimetric rate, this is what indicates the limestone rate in water (calcium combination and magnesium).

Only an osmosisist for this functionality, with the disadvantage of withdrawing the minerals your body needs. To know the filtered elements and the results of water analyzes, fontaine-a-gravite.com provides you EVA analysis table

Some consumption recommendations: 

On a daily basis, there are some simple rules of consumption and use of tap water:

- Let the water run before consuming it when it stagnated in the pipes, from a few seconds to two minutes (in the event of prolonged stagnation, after several days of absence, for example);

 - Use water from the cold water network for drink, preparation or cooking food: a high temperature can promote the transfer in the water of metals which constitute the pipes and the degradation of bacteriological quality;

 - Leave the tap water in an open carafe for a few hours in the refrigerator to eliminate a possible taste of chlorine.

In the absence of specific instructions from the distribution, mayor or ARS manager (or possibly the doctor for infants), tap water can be consumed without risk.

The hardness of the water:

corresponds to the calcium and magnesium content present naturally in the water. It is measured in mg of calcium carbonate per liter or in ppm / liter. If your water contains less than 60 ppm/l, your water is considered very soft.


° F


Very soft water

0 to 7

0 to 70

Pure water

7 to 15

70 to 150

Moderately hard water

15 to 25

150 to 250

Fairly hard water

25 to 35

250 to 350

Hard water

35 and more

350 and more


PPM (part per million)

1 ppm = 1mg/l

1 ° F (French) = 10 ppm

1 ° F = TH

The TDS* express all the minerals dissolved in water, salts, metals, cations or anion, including any element present in water other than H2O molecules, including the solid suspended elements. The measurement is expressed in PPM.

TDS level (milligrams per liters)


Less than 300


300 - 600


600 - 900


900 - 1200


Over 1200



*Trade TDS testers do not have reliability, results of analyzes made by an approved Cofrac laboratory

 The WHO recommends the drink of natural freshwater therefore not very mineralized. On the other hand, it strongly advises against the consumption of softened water (water softener), because it has too many sodium ions which are harmful for health, especially for people with cardiovascular conditions.