EVA fountain - Installation of La Fontaine

Before you start installing your EVA fountain, wash your hands carefully with soap or a hydro alcoholic solution so as not to alter natural filters. Remove the protections from your EVA fountain then rinse all the elements with clear water. Install the eco -responsible ceramics (n ° 2) Do not hold it by the dome, but by its base. If you turn the ceramics on its base, you risk dissociating it and thus breaking the bottom of the ceramic or damaging the joint. Put the ceramics in the pierced tank of a central orifice (n ° 4), the inner seal (n ° 3) of the ceramic must be positioned inside the tank (n ° 4). Screw the butterfly (n ° 5) of ceramics, without forcing, finally rinsing under the clear water of the tap. Take the filter cartridge (n ° 7) and follow the user manual (page 19). Remove your packaging, then plunge it into a container filled with water to evacuate the air bubbles (2 to 3 minutes). During this operation, prepare the base (n ° 14) on which you will have the second tank (n ° 9) of receipt of filtered water proceed to the screwing of the tap (n ° 12), introduce it into the planned orifice. There are 2 seals for sealing: 1 inner seal + 1 outdoor seal, position them correctly in order to obtain the desired seal. Take the nut (curved side to screw against the seal), screw without forcing and especially without crushing the joints. Take the blue basket (n ° 10) filled with minerals and rinse it under tap water to remove excess mineral dust and place it in the center of the second tank (n ° 9). For BEP models, the white magnetic disc is already installed in the blue basket (n ° 10), you just have to add to the center of the basket lid the green part IRL (n ° 11). Place the large cup (n ° 8) on the second tank (n ° 9)

Put the cartridge (n ° 7) under the water of the tap to finish serving it, black water can flow because of the active charcoal, as soon as the water is clear your cartridge is ready to use . Screw the filter cartridge (n ° 7) on the small cup (n ° 6) (fixing cup) and introduce it into its location. Then place the bin with ceramics (n ° 4+n ° 2+n ° 3+n ° 5) on the large cup (n ° 8) and place the cover (n ° 1) on the top of the fountain your fountain is ready. Put water in the upper tank (n ° 4) and let it filter. After assembly, you must perform 4 filtration cycles before consuming the water: fill your upper tank a 1st time, let the water passed into the lower tank and give filtered water to your plants. Repeat this operation three times. Empty the entire water found in the lower tank (tank where there is the tap) at the end of each cycle after these filtrations, your Eva fountain is ready ... CAUTION: if your lower bin is already filled with 'Water, do not add water to the upper tank otherwise it will overflow the EVA fountain does not have an anti -overflow system for people with kidney or urological problems, it is strongly advised to inform your doctor of the 'Use of the EVA fountain.

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