Berkey®- Help against Berkey® counterfeit and similar products

Berkey® counterfeit and similar products may appear on third -party market sites hosted by companies such as Amazon, Ebay and similar markets. They can also be sold on websites on their own brands.

Imported counterfeits and similar brands often use the well -known and confidence Berkey® name to legitimize their own brand, create confusion on the market and encourage consumers to buy their cheap coal filters and other parts and products similar to Authentic Berkey® Products of Berkey® approved resellers.

We are also aware of an increasing number of unscrupulous individuals who buy cheap sosies filters mainly from Chinese sources, reconditions them in Berkey® counterfeit boxes, then sell them on market lists as “authentic products "Or" authentic Berkey® "alongside our approved resellers. .

Consumers who buy counterfeit or similar water filters are a dangerous calculation error that could have serious consequences for the well-being of those who depend on products to offer the same performance as Authentic Berkey® systems, especially in Outside network applications to use with freshwater sources such as lakes, ponds, rivers and streams.

In order to repel the tide of these invasive competitors (and more particularly the illegal activity of counterfeit sellers), we will provide you with a series of graphics, which will inform you and allow to recognize counterfeit filters. Here is the first graphic, and others will follow.

Recognize an authentic Black Berkey VS counterfeit filter