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Ultimate Filter Cartridge - EVA Water Fountain

Ultimate Filter Cartridge - EVA Water Fountain

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Don't want to drink water from plastic bottles anymore? The Eva water fountain is made for you, filters the residues , the pollutants the pesticides, the impurities. Eva is the specialist of water treatment domesticated. The cartridge of filtration contains 4 layers of filter elements, to filter liters of water. the Coal and colloidal silver (WSM3000), neutralizes the content in chlorine, bad smells, traces of solvents, chemicals and dyes still in water. Eliminates potential bacteria by broadcasting colloidal silver attached to activated carbon.The white layer, Sand of natural mineral silica. Its role neutralize acidity and give a nice taste to tap water By adjusting its pH to a slightly alkaline level (7.2 to 7.8). The pink layer, The zeolite, original natural, are formed on land where the volcanic rocks and ashes reacted with the alkaline groundwater. It sets heavy metals and softens the water filtered. The last layer in gray. The Volcanic rocks. It supports the action of activated carbon and maintain the purity of water. Diffuse 14 mineral salts basic (magnesium, zinc iron, calcium ...), restoring the purified water for optimal mineral qualities. This filter cartridge also makes it possible to filter Source water.

To replace every 6 months.

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Customer Reviews

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cartouche filtrante fontaine EVA

Très bien, important de bien suivre les conseils du fournisseur et le délai du changement des accessoires,


Je suis enchantée de ma fontaine Eva !!
L’eau est vraiment bonne et je sens vraiment la différence lorsque je la bois. Merci.

william piterboth
Cartouche filtrante

Facilité d'utilisation
Commande sur le site ok
Rapidité d'expédition
Je recommande ++++

Eliane Humbert

Je connais ces produits que je renouvelle .
Je suis satisfaite de ma fontaine et du site .
Livraison assurée et rapide .

Benedetto Guido
Cartouche filtrante

Très pratique à installer, et très efficace. Merci