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PF -2 ™ Berkey filter - Fluoride and Arsenic cartridge

PF -2 ™ Berkey filter - Fluoride and Arsenic cartridge

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Product Description
*Fluoride reduction filters and Arsenic PF-2 ™ are manufactured and assembled in the United States
The reduction elements* of fluoride and arsenic berkey PF-2 ™ adsorb the following unwanted elements present in drinking water:
Fluoride: sodium fluoride, sodium fluorosilicate, fluorosilicic acid (alias hydrofluorosilic acid)
Arsenic: V and Arsenic III pre-oxyuded
Other loud residual metal ions
Made from Polypropylene N ° 5 Sure and without leachate, without BPA.
Sold in packs of 2
The elements of reduction of fluoride and arsenic Berkey PF-2 ™ are designed to be used only with the Black Berkey® purification elements
At the bottom of the Black Berkey® purification elements and sit in the lower bedroom of the Berkey unit
The number of Berkey PF-2 ™ elements in the lower room must correspond to the number of Black Berkey® purification elements in the upper room; For example, 4 Black Berkey® purification elements would require 4 PF-2 filters
Lot of 2 Berkey PF-2 ™ elements to be replaced after 3785 liters of use
The fluoride reduction and arsenic Berkey PF-2 ™ elements are covered by a six-month warranty

*The exclusive fluoride reduction media is a new high -performance improved aluminum oxide, specially formulated for the elimination of fluoride and arsenic from drinking water. The exclusive fluoride reduction medium is a method approved by EPA to eliminate fluoride.

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Customer Reviews

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ruddy Beuve
Burkey filter

Tres bien comme filtre !!!

Dominique Jouron Klein

Je suis ravie de constater le bon goût de l'eau
Quant à l'efficacité des filtres je ne suis pas en mesure de la mesurer

anthony wilmouth

PF-2 - Filtre Berkey pour Fluor, Arsenic et ions de métaux lourds

Roberto Aveleyra

Filtre PF-2™ Berkey - cartouche fluorure et d'arsenic

manque notice de montage en français

Je n'ai pas pu installer le filtre parce que la notice est en anglais. J'aurais aimé pouvoir discuter avec quelqu'un pour me conseiller. Merci