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Go Berkey® Kit & Black Berkey® Primer 1 Qt. 0.95 liters - Ref Gobk -Kit

Go Berkey® Kit & Black Berkey® Primer 1 Qt. 0.95 liters - Ref Gobk -Kit

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The Go Berkey® water filter is compact and easily transportable. It is designed to be used in camping, transported in your backpack for a hike, at school, on a trip or even in an emergency.
Do not mistake its size, its filtration performance is equivalent to its big brothers.
It can also be a good choice as an interior water purifier of drinking water for 1 person. For sedentary use for drink, kitchen and various culinary help devices, prefer the Travel Berkey® model.

Simply pour water into the upper chamber of the system and easily distribute pure water by directly pouring water from the lower room.

The Black Berkey ™ filter supplied as standard with your system allows you to purify 13350 liters of water. To calculate the lifespan of your Black Berkey® filter in detail, see our FAQ.

Contains up to 0.95 liters of pure water for the stainless steel module, and 0.65L for the filter gourd.
The stainless steel purifier includes 1 Black Berkey ™ filtering element
The filter gourd is equipped 1 Elements of Sport Berkey® Purification
The stainless steel system measures 10 cm in diameter for 35 cm in height
Maximum filtration flow: up to 3.8 liters of drinking water purified per hour
The gourd is 8 cm in diameter for 28 cm in height
AISI 304 stainless steel system and COPOLYESTER without BPA
Empty weight: 1.8 kg (stainless steel) and 0.45 kg (gourd)
2 year warranty for the stainless steel system
3 -month warranty for gourd

The Go Berkey® kit includes:

Upper and lower stainless steel rooms (stainless steel)
1 stainless steel cover
1 Black Berkey ™ purification element
1 butterfly nut, 1 seal
1 priming washer
A Black Berkey Primer ™ priming pump to start the Black Berkey ™ filter
A Sport Berkey® filter gourd equipped with a Berkey® sport filter

Characteristics of your Berkey water filter

 Nb of people 1 to 2 people
Capacity in liters 0.95 L
Filters type Black Berkey MC
NB of filters 1
Filtration speed 3.8 l/hour
Height 35 cm
Diameter 10 cm
Weight 1.8 kg
Material Stainless steel (AISI 304)
Use Interior Exterior
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Go Berkey® Kit & Black Berkey® Primer 1 Qt. 0.95 litres - ref GOBK-KIT