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Ultimate Filtration Pack + Classic Ceramic + Minerals for EVA Water Fountain

Ultimate Filtration Pack + Classic Ceramic + Minerals for EVA Water Fountain

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Ultimate filtration
1 -black
Activated carbon: activated carbon neutralizes chlorine, bad smells, traces of solvents, chemicals and dyes still in the water

Coal & Colloid Silver (WSM3000): neutralizes chlorine, bad smells, signs of solvents, chemicals and dyes still in the water. Eliminates potential bacteria by broadcasting colloidal silver attached to activated charcoal (Exclusive Eva United patent)

2 - White
Sand of natural mineral silica: neutralizes acidity and restores a nice taste with water by adjusting its pH to a slightly alkaline level (7.2 to 7.8)

3 - pink
Zeolite: zeolite is a microporous natural mineral of volcanic origin. Fix heavy metals and softens the water

4 - Gray
Volcanic rocks: Supports the action of activated carbon and maintain the purity of the water. Diffuse 14 basic minerals (magnesium, zinc iron, calcium ...), restoring the purified water of optimal mineral qualities.

Ceramic, high density, original classic model. High density ceramics, 1 cm thick, 0.2 microns porosity, retains the potentially suspended materials, diffused by drinking water pipes, such as rust, salmonella, Eschericia coli ... it works on The principle of a bacterial barrier. It is recommended to clean ceramic once a month, without the deletion of its fixing base, with white vinegar supplemented with tap water.
To replace every 18 months

Volcanic minerals

Thanks to its exclusive and patented process, volcanic rocks release a mineral complement rich in trace elements, allowing your body to be able to be essential for its physiological balance.

The EVA rocks diffuse more 14 basic minerals (magnesium, zinc iron, calcium ...), adjusting the purified water of optimal mineral qualities, they also participate in the stabilization of the pH obtained after filtration.

The blue basket opens easily to be recharged with the minerals.

For fountains with BEP system, the white magnetic disk inside the trash does not flow, like the green IRL piece that is preserved. They are unalterable and reusable for life ...

Recommendation: For people with chronic or acute renal disorders, it is better to seek advice from his specialist for the use of this trash.

To replace all 24 months

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Customer Reviews

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isabelle col
Satisfaction optimale

Produit testé et approuvé depuis plus de 30 ans :)


Merci pour votre commentaire positif ! Nous sommes ravis d'apprendre que vous êtes satisfait de notre produit depuis plus de 30 ans. Nous espérons que vous continuerez à profiter de ses bienfaits pour les années à venir. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez besoin d'aide avec l'utilisation de nos produits.

L'équipe du service client de FAG

Marie-Thérèse Ravary

Colis reçu dans les temps matériel en parfait état très satisfaite

Jocelyne Jaunay

Si j'ai acheté ce produit cest que je le connais et qu'il me satisfait pleinement. Malheureusement je le trouve assez cher...

gilles gressier
Très bien


Jacqueline Loth
4etoiles. Contrairement au recharge ultérieure je trouve le l’eau à un peu de gout

Recharge trop chère mais cette eau naturelle qui ressort des filtres est rassurante et securisante