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Bag of Volcanic Minerals for Blue Recycle Basket - EVA Water Fountain

Bag of Volcanic Minerals for Blue Recycle Basket - EVA Water Fountain

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Thanks to its exclusive and patented process, volcanic rocks release a mineral complement rich in trace elements, allowing your body to be able to elements essential to its physiological balance

The EVA rocks diffuse more than 14 basic minerals (magnesium, zinc iron, calcium, etc.), restoring purified water from optimal mineral qualities, they also participate in the stabilization of the pH obtained after filtration.

The blue basket opens easily to be recharged with minerals.

For fountains with BEP system, the white magnetic disc inside the basket does not throw itself, like the green IRL piece that is preserved. They are unalterable and reusable for life ...

Recommendation: For people with chronic or high renal disorders, it is preferable to ask your specialist for advice for the use of this basket.

To be replaced every 24 months

Minerals present in the basket
Mineral elements In % Ratio
Sio2 Silica dioxide 70,04
AI2O3 Aluminum oxide 14,47
Fe2o3 III iron oxide 2,01
Feo II iron oxide 0,75
MGO Manganese oxide 0,83
CAD Calcium oxide 2,19
Na2o Sodium oxide 4,59
K2o Potassium oxide 2,69
TiO2 Titanium oxide 0,47
(P2O) 5 Phosphoric anhydrical 0,09
Mno Manganese dioxide 0,09
(H2O)+ Cation 1,37
(H2O)- Anion 0,41
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Customer Reviews

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Laurent G
Conforme aux minéraux d'origine - qualité d'origine

Grace au contenu de ce sachet, j'ai pu remplacer les minéraux qui étaient dans la corbeille bleue de ma Fontaine EVA.

jacqueline taillandier

Sachet de minéraux volcaniques pour la corbeille bleue - fontaine a eau EVA